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We are the PV Bike Chicks!
A group of women of all ages, abilities, and bikes, who enjoy the sport of cycling.

A Little History
In the spring of 2010, Kim Trimpert was working at the PV Bicycle Center in Rolling Hills Estates, CA, and began meeting women coming into the shop buying bike gear for their husbands. When asked if they ride, the ladies said that they often took spinning classes at the gym and occasionally rode with their husbands, but that they did not ride as often as they might because they did not want to venture out alone. Many were concerned that they would not know what to do if they got a flat tire or experienced another problem with their bike. After several weeks of meeting women that sounded "JUST LIKE ME," Kim started collecting names and email addresses to put together a roster of women to ride together. Since that first meeting of about a dozen women in March, 2010, the group has grown to over 260 women, ages 18-77, living in and around the Palos Verdes Peninsula as well as the surrounding cities of the South Bay area near Los Angeles, California. In June, 2012, Kim and her family transitioned to their next Coast Guard assignment but her amazing legacy and work continue with the group of wonderful women she brought together.

And Now . . .
Some of us are brand new to cycling and are interested in riding with women who are learning about shifting, riding in groups, and just basically building their confidence on a bike. Others desire to meet like-minded women who want to ride their bikes along on the strand a few miles or around the peninsula or the Los Angeles area. We often finish our rides at a local coffee cafe, enjoying friendships, making new friends and planning future fun. Some of us are stay at home moms, some work full time, and others are retired. Some in the group are triathletes, hikers, runners, and/or swimmers. Many in the group participate in charity rides or other destination type rides, such as European tours, weekend get-away rides or other organized rides in the Southern California area and beyond. These rides can vary in distance from 15 miles all the way up to 100 miles. It is a VERY fun and diverse group. We use the roster (accessible only by members) to coordinate rides at different times during the week - morning, afternoons and evenings.

In addition to riding, free bike maintenance clinics are scheduled regularly where we have an opportunity to learn how to change a flat tire, what to carry on our bikes while we ride, and what basic maintenance we should do to our bikes. Not only is it a great time to learn more about cycling, it is also a fun social opportunity to meet women with similar interests and passions. We try to meet once a quarter just for "socials" to get to know each other off of the bike and talk about where or when we might want to ride. Our Facebook page, PV Bike Chicks, is where we post pictures and coordinate rides. It is only viewable by members of our group, but if you follow the link you can request to be added, provided you have a Facebook account.

A group of mentors lead rides on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at 9 am. The routes vary based on the desires of the group and the participants. Sometimes we do beginner rides in Lunada Bay or on the strand, sometimes we circle around parts of the hill and sometimes many members even climb the PV East switchbacks to the domes at the top of Crest Rd!

There is someone in this group that is just your speed and ability,
so come join us, find that friend and enjoy the fun!